Swimming Baths Safety

  1. Only go swimming if you are healthy.
  2. Please follow the rules!  Read about what you are allowed and not allowed to do on the noticeboards.
  3. Take a shower and cool off, before you get in the water.
  4. If you feel cold, don’t stay in the water. You might get cramp!
  5. If you have an earache, you are not allowed to swim, dive or jump into the water.
  6. Don’t swim after eating. Wait at least an hour after a meal.
  7. Always use sun protection and have a shower before you jump into cold water.  
  8. Do not let others talk you into doing something that you are not good at.
  9. Jump into the water only where it is allowed.
  10. There are often a lot of people at the swimming baths, so keep an eye on the people around you. Call for help if someone is in danger.